Peg L.

“I truly did grow, not only as a professional, meaning my communication skills got better, but I grew as an individual.”

Josh M.

“This program has provided me with the change that I needed to be successful and to be truly happy at home and at work.”

Dave B.

“A few weeks later, I was in my current position, almost doubling the salary I had before.”


“Everyone has goals they want to achieve. This really helped me to reach mine and get ahead in life.”

—Mike M.

Jim T.

“This program allows me to focus on what is stopping me from being what I want to be.”

Michelle Z.

“It’s helped me get past the negative opinions I’ve had about myself.”

Mary Ann

“Using what I’d learned, I was able to improve my work-life balance and I’m enjoying what I do even more.”

—Mary Ann R.