Make Selling Predictable

Our sales training program includes the foundational material offered in our Level 1 program along with all of our Level 2 courses. We then add a sales course that combines an intelligent, consumer-oriented selling process with the expertise acquired in level 1 and enriched mastery acquired in in level 2. This makes selling predictable, profitable and enjoyable.

Through experience over many years, we have found that a skills-based training program was not enough. For most people who attempt to sell, it’s all about attitude because each person has their own unique obstacles. We learned how to specifically find and eliminate the obstacles that hold them hostage.

This knowledge and process is not available anywhere else. It has taken 40 years of searching, but we have developed a proven system. Our attitude course combined with our other three courses has allowed our sales people to routinely double or triple their sales. A properly trained professional salesperson must invest the time and make a total commitment to their profession. Unfortunately, most salespeople are not professional and are poorly trained. That is why the buying public has such a low opinion of sales people.

We can change that paradigm. Our trained salespeople stand apart and often enjoy closing ratios double or triple those of industry norms. With the Think More—React Less™ Sales Training Program; you get a proven system to increase your sales.

You’ll get:

  1. All videos and materials from Think More—React Less™ Level 1
  2. All videos and materials from Think More—React Less™ Level 2
  3. Access to 13 Sales Process videos
  4. 4 additional Sales Training Connect the Key Concepts videos
  5. Detailed learning guide and program syllabus

You can choose to purchase our Sales Training program now for a one-time payment of $1,495.99 or you can choose twelve equal monthly payments of $149.99