Think More—React Less™ Level 2 Training


This is an enhanced training program for those who want to develop themselves to a higher level. Along with all the online instructional materials in the Think More-React Less™ Level 1 program, Level 2 offers 12 additional instructor-based classes. These classroom videos build upon the foundational information and connect the key points. This allows the student to grasp the program on a deeper level, making it more practical for everyday use. Gaining knowledge is the first step, but learning how to quickly use knowledge is the key to success. With the Think More-React Less™ Level 2 training, you get an exact blueprint of how to learn, internalize, and use our program to reach your full potential.

You’ll also get:

  1. All videos and materials fromThink More-React Less™ Level 1
  2. Detailed program syllabus and learning plan by week
  3. 12 additional video lessons to connect the key points
  4. A Think More-React Less™ certificate of completion

Concepts to Connect:

  • Why I should become an expert at dealing with people
  • Why it is important to begin with yourself
  • How to admit that there is a gap in your present skills
  • How to gain control over your emotions to think more and react less
  • Why it is important to identify and adjust to each person’s behavior
  • How to master the art of reading non-verbal communication
  • How to become adept at uncovering the way a person feels
  • How to be aware in the moment of how others perceive you, positively or negatively
  • How to respect, prepare, and follow an intelligent process