Think More—React Less™ Level 2 Training

To reach your full potential, you must become an expert in dealing with people. Our Level 2 training will further deepen your understanding of how you like to be treated as well as how to treat others in a way that makes them an ally instead of a potential adversary. You’ll also learn to probe until you discover how the other person feels about what you are trying to accomplish. When you know how someone else feels, then you will know what motivates them and how to gain their cooperation.

You’ll get:

  1. All videos and materials from Think More—React Less™ Level 1
  2. 67 additional video lessons
  3. 12 Think More-React Less™ Connect the Key Concept videos
  4. A downloadable learning guide with additional content and exercises
  5. Online lesson quizzes and final tests for accountability and content mastery

You will learn:

  • How to stop ruining first impressions
  • Why most people say “Yes” when they mean “No,” and how to deal with that
  • How to gain control over your emotions to think more and react less
  • How to identify and adjust to each person’s behavioral style
  • How to master the art of reading non-verbal communication
  • How to respect, prepare, and follow an intelligent process
  • How to become adept at uncovering the way a person feels