Think More—React Less™ Level 1 Training


This training will give you the foundation needed to become an expert in gaining the cooperation of others. Our three core online courses can be studied at your own pace. You will also complete a behavioral styles assessment and receive a personalized 23-page report of your results.

You’ll also get:

  1. 75 individual video lessons
  2. Three downloadable learning guides with over 275 pages of additional content and exercises
  3. Online lesson quizzes and final tests for accountability and content mastery
  4. A Think More-React Less™ certificate of completion

You will learn:

  • How to stop ruining your first impressions
  • How to stop sabotaging yourself
  • Why most people say “Yes” when they mean “No” and how to deal with that
  • Why some people drive you crazy and how to stop that
  • How to stop making the wrong choices in relationships, hiring, and working with teams
  • Why you work hard to get ahead but never seem to get there
  • How to get difficult people to cooperate
  • How to become more patient with others
  • How to stop yourself from ruminating
  • How to end sleepless nights

15 day free trial and then twelve equal monthly payments of $29.95.