• What exactly is the Think More-React Less™ training program about?

    All of our success depends upon our ability to think clearly and make the best decisions possible. The number one reason why anyone fails is that they lose their ability to think when they need it most. All of our training was created to keep you thinking.

    “We can’t solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” is a famous quote that is often attributed to Albert Einstein. The training will show you how to think more clearly and to stop reacting so you can get more of what you want from life. We’ll show you how to stop those negative feelings that bring what you don’t want. To reach your full potential, you must become as expert at dealing with people as you are in what you do. You must start by becoming expert at dealing with yourself. This expertise is what will allow you to think more and react less.

    This is new, proprietary information. You will be learning something that has never been taught before. It may look familiar, but rest assured, it’s totally new. Understanding it takes all of the mystery out of how our lives unfold. Our comprehensive training program will give you everything that you need to start living a more prosperous and peaceful life.

  • “To reach your potential, you must be as expert at dealing with people as you are in what you do.” What’s the significance of this? Why is it important to start by becoming expert at dealing with oneself?

    Fear is what causes a person to stop thinking. Let’s use this workplace example to explain how fear destroys a person’s ability to function. Do you know of anyone who exhibits irrational behavior for trivial reasons, such as someone else moving their coffee cup? What about an employee who can’t take any kind of criticism? When these situations occur, they stop thinking. They may even remain agitated for the rest of the day.These, and many more types of counterproductive behaviors, happen daily. What are the costs to them and their company?

    These types of irrational behaviors happen to you and me as well. That’s why you have to start by becoming expert at dealing with yourself. We’ll show you what causes us to do that and how to stop it. That’s the first half of the problem.

    The inability to understand how to interact with others is the second half of the problem. People are different and need to be treated differently. Our training teaches you how to identify these differences and adjust your behavior to keep the people that you deal with feeling comfortable. Once a person feels uncomfortable, they stop thinking and can only react. That is the beginning of conflict.

    We have been taught to challenge or withdraw from others when our feelings conflict with theirs. Understanding how to overcome this will allow you to gain the cooperation of the most difficult of people in the most important of situations.

    People value and respect you when you recognize and respect how they feel. This opens the door to unhindered, honest communication that leads to mutual understanding and solving of problems.

  • When can I expect to see a return on my investment?

    That depends on how committed you are. If you’re buying this for yourself, how much time will you devote to it? One hour a week is not going to get you everything that we have to offer, but you’ll recover your investment many times over. If you want to take yourself to the top of your profession, invest 4 to 5 hours per week. In addition, think about what you’re learning when you’re driving, exercising, or at other times that you have free.

    Practice your new found skills by identifying the different styles of behavior of people in public places like the mall, the airport, or the grocery store. Practice effective communication by engaging the clerk who rings you up at the convenience store. Instead of telling your family or significant other what you want, ask them how they feel. Consistently practicing will reshape your behavior and produce positive results.

    If you’re a business owner or a sales manager, before you buy this for the development of your salespeople, get a commitment from each one before you invest in them. Don’t waste your money on someone who isn’t committed to their own growth. Make sure they aren’t saying “Yes” when they mean “No”.

  • How long does it take to master this program?

    Our training is comprehensive. It takes about a year to internalize all of this new knowledge, which will give you a foundational understanding. One should keep growing from there.

    You’ll be exposed to new information that you may have never considered. Some information may seem familiar but only in a casual way. For example, you may have been exposed to the different ways people behave from a seminar, but you can’t remember how to identify them. You may have never used it afterwards, only retaining a fraction of the content.

    Each training module, such as the behavioral styles system, is broken down into its component parts so that it can be easily understood and assimilated. Afterwards, we encourage you to begin using whatever level of knowledge you have mastered to continue growing towards a complete mastery of the entire program.

    Unfortunately, it’s not possible to learn everything in one bite. It takes time. That’s one of the reasons why most sales training doesn’t work. There are many other reasons as well, especially not having the B-Code™ and the Breakout™ process, which is proprietary to Think More-React Less™. Ignoring the value of becoming expert at dealing with people is another reason.

  • How do I learn to teach this to my employees?

    The other way is to invest in our Train-the-Trainer program. Every bad salesperson hire that you make costs you on average $250,000. These numbers have been established by independent sources. For most companies, size makes little difference, with the exception of companies that sell multimillion dollar projects where this loss will obviously grow into tens of millions of dollars.

    Consider the true costs; don’t just count the salary, advertising, and recruitment costs. You must count the cost of lost opportunities. What about the cost of lost referrals and repeat business? Can you see that it’s costing on average $250,000 each time the wrong salesperson is hired?

    From our experience in training salespeople for many years, it is crucial to identify only those individuals who are worth the investment. This is another key difference in our program. In our Train-the-Trainer program, we’ll teach you how to evaluate the staff that you have and how to stop making hiring failures.

    Even if you only have a staff of two or three, our Train-the-Trainer program is one of the best investments you could ever make. If you double one salesperson’s output and multiply it by your gross profit, that’s the potential per salesperson. What if you have a staff of three or more? Multiply the potential per salesperson by the number of sales staff. The potential adds up quickly. It would be very easy to achieve a minimum of $1 million per year in new revenue. It’s money that you’ll never realize, if you don’t invest in your staff’s development. It’s only your opinion that will stop you from trusting this investment.

  • What makes Sam Lucci the expert?

    His expertise came from putting in the time, living through the experiences, and having the courage to question the status quo. He has owned businesses since he was 25 years old and that has shaped his life. There are only two things in this world that really excite him: getting results and helping people bring out the best in themselves. He was born to be a teacher. He used his business to satisfy what he liked to do, which was teaching salespeople how to be the best and getting results through that elite sales staff.

    Along the way, he tried every known formula that he could find for training a salesperson, with no consistent or sustainable results. This produced a frustration that he could not release. He’s not claiming that he’s smarter than anybody else, but when he makes up his mind to do something, he never quits. He made it his life’s purpose to figure out what was missing in the formula for creating a successful salesperson. When all of the pieces finally came together, the missing piece was actually simple to understand. It not only showed how ill-prepared we are to sell, but also how ill-prepared we are in our dealings with each other in general.

    Have you ever asked yourself why there is so much interpersonal conflict, even though so many people have more education than ever before? Why are people problems growing instead of declining? Even behavioral experts cannot offer an answer to this question. Sam Lucci has found the answer and offers a full proof solution to all who are willing to listen.

  • Sam Lucci has invested about fifty years in the development of his program. What took him so long?

    It took so long for the same reason that Henry Ford spent most of his lifetime to belt the earth with automobiles. Henry Ford didn’t have a model to follow and neither did Sam Lucci.

    He started training salespeople by using the programs and methods of other trainers. He tried everything that was available for close to 20 years. Whatever it was, if there was any type of training that was notable, he tried it in the real world of business. A few of these methods produced some results, but those results were never consistently sustainable. Typically, a salesperson would triple their sales in one month and then hardly sell anything for the next three months. All of those authors of sales training books and selling programs offered a lot of advice about what to do but couldn’t tell you how to do it.

    Something was missing, and Sam began to look for it. What he discovered became the Think More – React Less book and program, and it changes everything.